Monday, October 5, 2015

Extreme Benchrest, Were Home!

Extreme Benchrest, Were Home!
Pocatello, Idaho 10-5-15 9:14 PM

We made it back to Pocatello just before sunset, Tired but glad the trip is behind us. I am going to go over my notes and start to put together some longer format pieces about Extreme Benchrest like the different matches, the Cast bullet guns and what it meant to double the attendance, there were 200 entries this year. Aldo we will highlight some of the  folks we met this year. So watch this blog.

A big thanks to Arimo Dave for driving and to his Ford car that got 40 MPG. We drove 1800 miles and I am swaying for side to side as I am typing this.

We will close out with a photo of Dave and I at the range in Arizona. Dave is the one with the iron sighted rifle.