Sunday, October 4, 2015

Extreme Benchrest 10-4-15 morning

Today at Extreme Benchrest
Oct 4, Mesa Arizona

Last night the shooters for the 75 yard and speed shoot finals were announced. There will be 40 in each group 20 Sportsman and 20 Professionals. I will be a spectator, but that’s OK. after a disappointing day on Friday, no time on the speed shoot and a 191 at 75, I shot a personal best of 214 at 75.

Shooting two relays on the 75 yard event has improved the match for me. It does give you a chance to come back from a bad day, but more importantly, you get to shoot more. Shooting more is always more fun.

Last night we had the speakers evening at the Las Sendas Golf Club. Beer was $5.00 a glass so I knew I was in an upscale venue. Speakers were Michael Vent, Airgun Nation, Tony Belas, historical airguns, and Rossi Morreale, what is a real airgunner?, it was a good time.

Rossi gave an over the top and very funny presentation that called into question a lot of the idiosyncrasies the airgunners share. We can get pretty anal about o-rings, but we do need to work on our communications skills in order to share our  passion for the sport.