Thursday, March 23, 2017

First groups with Marmot Militia .22 hammer forged barrel

Target is a 50 foot international small bore, A-36

I have been shooting JSB 18.1 pellets getting ready to shoot the silhouette speed shoot form EBR. With our monthly club benchrest match I found that I only had about 30 left. I went through my pellet supply and found JSB 15.89, BSA 16 gr Wolverines, and Baracuda Match.  All good candidates for for my new barrel.

I shot 2, 5 shot groups with each pellet. This would let me see if there was going to be a change in point of impact over a 30 shot string.

JSBs really stood out with a 0.45 and a 0.28 inch groups. All the rest were grouped around 0.6 inch. Only one group hit the one MOA criteria, and we will have to see how it holds up in further shooting. All the pellets were lubed with Wixson's honey.  

At the end of 30 shots I shot 6 ⅕ chickens at 25Y to see if the POI had changed. All six hits were in the center of the chickens. This suggests 40 shots from one fill !!!!