Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Installation and first shooting of Hammer forged barrel

The new barrel arrived all shiny and bright and I re-read Jim’s web site where he guaranteed ½ inch groups at 60 yards. This would put the Armada at the top of my airgun totem, and make me a fulfilled air gunner.

My new toy won't do all those wonderful things if I don’t install it and the time had come to face what ever wrenches and o-rings and other defugalities stood in the way of soothing my super gun to be.

The Armada is a special case because I had to take the hand rail off before I could remove the stock from the air cylinder and barrel assembly. I did this once before when I tuned the rifle. Getting the stock off resembles a wood block puzzle, and is not hard as long as you remember that the first step in to remove the tiny set screws under the front of the hand rail. This screw secures the bracket that goes around the front of the air cylinder.

Barrel installation is not hard or time consuming. Set aside enough time to do the job without being rushed. I spent two hours on it and that includes cleaning the barrel once before installation and once after function firing it 20 times into a snow make sure the magazines worked OK.

All back together I had to see if the $210 was going to pay off. I could shoot across 50 yards of snow to a spot where I had some metallic silhouettes set up.  I mounted the Center point 4-16 scope that came with the rifle. Shooting Hunter Field Target style with a seat and a bipod, I sighted in and hit 6 chickens with 6 consecutive shots. On a steel plate I shot a 4 shot group that measured slightly over ½ inch. This barrel is going to earn its keep,

The next day it snowed 21 inches and canceled our benchrest match.

More to come.