Monday, March 13, 2017

Marauder Field and Target

Chickens at 25 yards. Four hits on the leg and one body hit after adjusting the elevation. These are the same size targets as Extreme Benchrest. 

Crosman announced that they were addressing the .22 barrel situation at about the time I bought a Marmot Militia barrel for my .22 Armada. This barrel along with a regulator was going to become available in a new Marauder variant called the Field and Target.

This has happened to me before. I converted a 1760 to compressed air just in time for Crosman to announce the Discovery which filled to a higher pressure and cost $100 less than my conversion.

This week, Crosman sent an email to an airgun forum poster saying that they were not “moving forward at this time” on the Field and Target.

When the Field and Target was announced at the Shot Show in January, the wise posters felt that the new rifle wouldn’t be for sale until April or May, I don’t think this affects my decision to buy an aftermarket barrel. Also I would not be surprised if the new Crosman barrel didn’t show up as a replacement part for six months after the release of the new rifle. I plan to shoot the Armada at Extreme Benchrest, and I need to practice with it starting as soon as the receding winter snowpack lets me.

By the way, the new barrel form Marmot Militia is looking very good.

Pigs at 35 yards. Left two shots. Right three shots.