Friday, January 24, 2014

Yellow Forum Competition

Steve in CT, owner of the Yellow Forum, has proposed a match where contestants submit 3, 5 shot groups each spanning one inch or less, shot consecutively at 100 yards with pellets. The first five to do so wins 5 tins of pellets from Wild West Airguns.

For Steve's post see:

What a great idea. There are far too many posts boasting of this group or that group that seam incredible. It is about time somebody gently called for some accountability.

Aside from tweaking those who inflate their accomplishments, Steve’s standard of accuracy is significant challenge for a marksman. Many times I have shot on ranges that did not allow your condition of light and wind to remain unchanged for 15 shots. If I read his rules right, you cannot return to the sighting target once you have started the 15 shot sequence.

The target above is one I fired at 100 yards with my .25 Benjamin Marauder with Beeman Kodiak Match pellets. The match rules were the NRA's High Power Sporting Rifle. The target shows 32 hits fired in Sitting and Standing. I can't always get into prone. And five sighers. It was fired with one 3000 psi refill after 21 shots. It is a good representation of how well I could shoot the rifle on that day although standing was a mess and accounts for most of the shots outside of the eight ring. The ten ring is 3.3 inches wide. A full set of dimensions can be found in the rule book for High Power Sporting Rifle on the NRA web site. Usually, we set up ½ size targets at 50 yards for air rifles, but at that match I was the only one, so I shot at 100.

Steve's match will be interesting to follow. Three consecutive one inch groups an 100 yards with pellets is a high standard.

Gee I’d be thrilled with 24 shots into 2 inches at 75 yards with unlimited sighters.