Saturday, January 23, 2016


The new Sig Sauer MCX ASP air rifle is a lookalike for their MCX center fire rifle and is powered by 88 and 90 gram CO2 capsules. ASP stands for advanced sport pellet. It is NOT a true semi automatic, and if you have been disappointed in lookalike air rifles where you had to crank a bolt, brake a barrel or pump between shots, read on.

The rifle not only matches the size and shape, it matches the weight too. the frame appears to be alloy, and the handguard is a thick polymer (their literature says alluminium). The only deviation from its centerfire cozen in the polymerbutt tube that is oversized to contain the CO2 capsule. The ambidextrous safety. the right hand magazine release and the charging handle are all functional. colors are basic black or earthtones for those air gunners that want to lay down a field of fire in an environmentally manner.

Many lookalike guns are smooth bore, but the Sig comes with a 20 inch rifled barrel. If the accuracy is compatible with the small targets SIG sells, this rifle will be a natural for the Maryland challenge that we shoot at the Idaho Airgun Field Target Club. The detachable magazine holds 30 round belt that can be removed for recharging or replacement. The magazine doesn’t fall free when the release catch is pressed. I like that. punching your magazine out into the mud may look cool, but not with my magazines.  Down the road, the SIG guys said there is going to be a 60 round magazine. Right now, you can buy a kit with two 30  round belts for a rapid belt change.

If your tastes run more to sub guns, there is a MPX ASP that is a lookalike for the SIG MPX. It has a 9 inch barrel and churns up 600 and 475 fps in .177 and .22 respectively.

Read Blueflax Airguns for more information on the new SIGs in the future.

SIG Sauer MCX AAir Sport Pellet


Friday, January 22, 2016

BB Guns Remembered by Tom Gaylord

What is BB Guns Remembered?

Tom Gaylord ion gave me my writing start when he ran an article of mine in the “Airgun Review”.

Now, Tom has a book out, “BB Guns Remembered”.It is a collection of short stories based on Archival photos of kids with BB guns. Some I remember from the issues of the Airgun Review and some I haven't seen before.

Tom’s importance to airgunning and air gunners cannot be underestimated. His writing is part of modern airgun history.

You can find Tom's book at Pyramid Air where he blogs. You won’t regret it.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Airbow is the Star of Crosman's show

What is the Crossman Airbow


The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow is the “star” of the Crosman booth at the 2016. Shot Show. The Airbow is displayed on a turntable in front of the booth where it is gathering a lot of attention. The bow comes with a scope and three custom made carbon fiber arrows. Yes, they are arrows they are about 2 feet long. They weigh 375 grains and come with 100 grain target point that can be replaced with a hunting point of equal weight for similar performance on the hunt. the arrows are loaded over a full length “barrel” for firing.

The Airbow is essentially a single shot Bulldog but with the addition of a regulator to give eight shots at 450 FPS from a 3000 psi fill.  The airbow in available as a preorder right now and if you do Crosman will add six (I think) arrows to your order at no charge.  

Other news from Crosman

The 1377 will be or is available with a Lothar Walther barrel from the Custom Shop.

BUT the big news for Marauder/Armada shooters is that these rifles will be available with a LW barrel from the Custom Shop in the near future. Marauder shooters have been asking for this for several years and it is about to happen.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Extreme Benchrest coming to the Northern Rockies

Extreme Benchrest in Utah
Justin Jacobson

Justin Jacobson of Springville, UT told me today that he plans to put on an airgun tournament this spring, It would be built around the key matches at the Extreme Benchrest in Arizona.

Extreme Benchrest is more than a single match. Included are a 25 meter benchrest, 75 yard  benchrest and (my favorite) the silhouette speed shoot.

I asked Jason where he was going with this idea and he said that he was laying the  cornerstone to build a league with monthly matches that will be a little different each month.

Airgunners in the intermountain west, who haven’t felt they could make the trek to Arizona, should seriously consider attending this shoot. I’ll be there. It will be too much fun to miss.

Jason's web site is utahairgun,com

Plans are still being made, so watch this blog for details.

Airguns of Arizona and the FX Impact

Airguns of Arizona. I spoke with Sean and Mike at the Airguns of Arizona booth.

Among its product line, AOA was is featuring FX precharged air rifles and both guys were enthusiastic about the new Impact. This rifle is a bullpup with ergonomics inherited from the M16. “Orders are way ahead of production, and we (meaning store employees) are way down on the waiting list ”. This rifle has user replaceable barrels in calibers from .177 to .30, and adjustable power to support that range of calibers. In the near future there will be an arrow barrel that will shoot arrows at over 400 fps.

A word about M16 ergonomics...The black rifle has been in service for 45 years. Not only in the United States, but in other countries; including the British Special Air Service. Thousands of active and former service members have muscle memory for this rifle. Manufactures who speak to their experience are making their product more available to shooters.


Friday, January 15, 2016

Shot Show Booth Crawler

Thursday thru Friday I am going to the Shot Show. What is that?  

“SHOT Show® is the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade ShowSM and Conference for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting accessories industry.”

Put another way, it is the annual, shooting sports, winter product orgy convently held in Las Vegas.

Manufactures/distributors meet with the retailers and sign sales contracts. They let the media in to report to the consumers to create interest in their products. So I get to go, and do the booth tour, cool.

Something different from last year is that Daystate and Airguns of Arizona will have separate booths this year.

American Shooting Journal will have a booth. ASJ is one of the few magazines to have a booth. I look forward to meting with their staff.

They let me in because you read my blog…Thanks, and look for my Shot Show posts next week.


Monday, January 4, 2016

Pocatello Cross-Country Ski Foundation

I spent New Year's Day with the Pocatello Cross-Country Ski Foundation at their informal pursuit race. The Foundation supports the Nordic Center on Mink Creek south of Pocatello. The spirit of this race is less about who is first and more about having fun. I hope I captured their spirit of fun in my photographs.

For more on the foundation, and more of my photos, thrie website is