Friday, July 11, 2014

Extreme Benchrest Rapid Fire Silhouette

Ash moves on to turkeys after downing chickens and rams

Last Wednesday night we shot rapid fire silhouette. We used the rules from the Extreme Benchrest match. Times are below. Dave used magazines, while Ash and I used single shot trays. Once Dave got his magazine loaded, he was fast. He shot through one 10 shot magazine in 60 seconds with no misses.

Ash loads his Huntsman in a recent Field Target shoot

Ash shot his .177 Daystate Huntsman, Dave shot his custom .177 Generation 1 Marauder, and I shot my stock .25 Gen 2 Marauder. Power is not an issue for knocking down the targets. Ash's and Dave's rifles are set to meet the 20 foot pound limit for Field Target. My rifle is running about 40 foot pounds, but I plan to tune it down to get a greater shot count. Power can be an issue when the wind comes up. Last year I had to hold on the up wind edge of the turkeys and rams.

Arimo Dave and his custom Marauder
My Gen 2 Marauder

To put things into perspective, I watched a video of last year”s match on the Airgun Gear Show. If watch this video. it seems that Tony Belas is shooting at a very sedate speed. Until you see that he ran the course in 1:26. It seemed the same for Nick Jenkinson who shot 1:13. I'm thinking that I can make the finals if I can break 1:30. In our regular rapid fire matches we shoot 4 shots in 30 seconds. Shooting at that speed, it would take two minutes to shoot 16 targets. One thing is certain. We will need to improve our times.

This match is a lot of fun. Ash kept asking for another run so we shot it instead of the sporting rifle match we had planned. Like bowling pins, this match could be adapted to a double illumination ladder format that would not require stop watches to determine the placements of the shooters on a leader board.

First Run
Second Run
Third Run