Saturday, July 19, 2014

Extreme Benchrest Silhouette Speed Shoot

We expanded our course of fire at the last benchrest match adding an Extreme Benchrest styled silhouette speed shoot, mixing rim fire and air rifles in events, and using 10 meter pistol targets (B 40) in addition to USBR targets at 50 yards. These additions will expand participation in our matches. They certainly expanded the fun we had at the last match.

1/5 scale metallic silhouettes. Sped shoot format calls for 4 of each animal rather then the usual 5.

The speed shoot was the most exciting. Sixteen targets, shortest time to knock them down wins, but you have to start with an empty rifle and magazines. Ammo cannot be arranged or stacked to facilitate loading. “Three, Two, One, Start!” and you're off to the races. Most chose to single load. 

10 meter pistol target. B 40 is the name used in the USA for this target.

We allowed .22 rim fires to fire in all our benchrest matches. Not only is this a good idea to increase participation, but since .22 air rifles are allowed in all our benchrest matches it has no clear advantage, except at 50 yard with the B40 targets. The B40s may get set out at 75 yards and at that range some may not want to shoot their .177 rifles. 

USBR target. Rifle is 1922 M2 Springfield

25 Yard
50 Yard
10 pistol target
50 Yard
.22 rim fire
USBR target
Speed Shoot
Airgun/rim fire
215-1 #
134 #
193 #
2:38.0 #
218 *
131 *
206-1 #
2:38.69 *
235-1 *
129 *
212 #
2:04 *
222 *
118 *
158 *
2:56.30 *
244-3 #
143-5 #
207 #
2:27.0 #
# shot with a .22 rim fire
* shot with an air rifle

Who Shot What?

Charles shot a Anschutz M54. Dave shot his custom Marauder .177 and a Savage .22 that he bought for $200 in a big box store. Ash shot his Daystate Huntsman .177 and an Anschutz M54 Silhouette. Ron shot a Marauder .25. Jeff shot a Remington 40X and a Winchester M52.