Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Airbow is the Star of Crosman's show

What is the Crossman Airbow


The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow is the “star” of the Crosman booth at the 2016. Shot Show. The Airbow is displayed on a turntable in front of the booth where it is gathering a lot of attention. The bow comes with a scope and three custom made carbon fiber arrows. Yes, they are arrows they are about 2 feet long. They weigh 375 grains and come with 100 grain target point that can be replaced with a hunting point of equal weight for similar performance on the hunt. the arrows are loaded over a full length “barrel” for firing.

The Airbow is essentially a single shot Bulldog but with the addition of a regulator to give eight shots at 450 FPS from a 3000 psi fill.  The airbow in available as a preorder right now and if you do Crosman will add six (I think) arrows to your order at no charge.  

Other news from Crosman

The 1377 will be or is available with a Lothar Walther barrel from the Custom Shop.

BUT the big news for Marauder/Armada shooters is that these rifles will be available with a LW barrel from the Custom Shop in the near future. Marauder shooters have been asking for this for several years and it is about to happen.