Saturday, May 2, 2015

Snowpeak P-12 Bullpup

P-12 Bullpup

A gentleman from Oregon brought his P-12. This .22 caliber air rifle is made in China and imported into the United States by Mrodair. Like many airgunners he is a machinist and customizes his rifles in various ways, but always in the pursuit of accuracy. This rifle had two modifications. The first and most important is a Lothar Walther barrel. As delivered. the bullpup shot slightly over one inch, at least that is about the size of the circle he made with his thumb and fore finger, and he had to do better. You know that when someone is talking about his rifle and hunting through his wallet that something interesting is about to happen. This something was a plum colored postnote with a hand drawn circle and a cluster of pellet holes that looked to my eye to be ⅜ inch. “53 yards.” he said. Later I made a head shot with the P-12 on a ground squirrel at that distance. So I can believe his group.

Leonard shoots the P-12. The owner allowed that it could use higher mounts.

He also extended the shroud and added some baffes, there were none in the gun to begin with, to make it very pleasant to shoot.

It was very obvious that he was a fan of the P-12. “This rifle is very easy to modify. The transfer port is in the breach and there is very little machining to do on the barrel”.

Easy for someone skilled with machine tools, I thought.

His next project is a breach that accepts Marauder magazines. He told me that There are such breaches on the market for reasonable prices. “But, I’ll just have to do it myself”.