Sunday, May 3, 2015

PANSAL Lollipop challange

Covey Wins Coveted Lollipop Challenge!

Dateline: Idaho, somewhere west of Boise

Ash, from Pocatello Idaho, today won the  Lollipop Challenge in a dramatic 11th hour tour d’force of airgun marksmanship at the 2015 PANSAL, Pacific and Northwest States Airgun League,  airgun meeting.

The Challenge consists of four 1.5 inch lollipops set at 12 yard intervals from 12 to 48 yards. Starting with a mandatory offhand shot at 12 yards and then working on to the next furthest target, the contestant shoots until each lollipop is hit. the lowest shot count is the winner. With a four being the highest possible,

Ash was the last to come to the firing line.

Ash had suggested that his air rifle was not up to its usual brilliance, but his Daystate came through on the first shot, an unsupported shot at 12 yards, when he burst the target to splinters with a shot placed directly in the center. Targets two and three similarly met their fate to scatter empty calorie candy across the desert landscape. On the forth shot, however, the pellet veered low and right to strike the up til then untouched white card a nearest hairs width off the sucker at the four-O-clock position.

All was silent. He had not “run the table”, nor could Ash or several spotters clearly see the shot hole. He could still win on the next shot or if he missed be faced into a three way shoot off with  two other airgunners who had shot 6s.  

But his next shot was proof positive that candy could not stand up to lead. Cheers rang out as the candy shards settled to the desert floor.

Ash had won the match.