Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Idaho Hosts International Squirrel Shoot

Airgunners from several pacific northwestern states spent the first weekend in May attended the Pacific and Northwest States Airgun League, PANSAL, spring brake squirrel shoot west of Boise Idaho. This informal gathering has been an annual event since 2003 This event has gone from an idea two guys had on a fishing trip to a tradition for air gunners in the pacific and northers rocky mountain states. This place abounds with ground squirrels. On each of the three days folks spread out from the camp to pick out sites to sit and wait for squirrels to show themselves. The squirrel hunters didn't have to wait for long.

PANSAL is an international event. Despite the fact that all the participants are from the USA, The air rifles themselves are form all over the globe. All those countries that we first associated with high performance were there plus a couple form the United States. Lets have a short role call of the countries represented by rifles.

United States of America

Rapid Air Weapons

This particular Rapid is a .25 with a 12 shot magazine. Purchased used the bolt is stiff, but not rough, from apparently never being shot by its former owner. Someone said, “Who would never buy a Rapid and not shoot it”? This rifle was made in Tennessee.



Another rifle with a gorgeous stock. Also a Fortner styled straight pull action.

United Kingdom

Air Arms EV-2

This rifle has a custom stock made by the owner to go hunting with out worry over nicks or bumps. I shot this rifle. Three quarter inch spinners at 25 yards were no problem to hit over and over.

Republic of Korea

Evanix Rainstorm bull pup

Foreword looking design this rifle sports an after market moderator.

United States of America

AirForce Condor

This shooter may have attended all of the PANSAL events since the start in 2003.

These are only a few of the rifles that their owners brought to the shoot. Next year I am sure there will be a lot more to see. What can I say after I say “Cowabunga, I am ready for next year”!

There is more to read and photos to see on the PANSAL website: