Thursday, May 1, 2014

The new Marauder gets a scope

My new Gen 2 Marauder now has a scope and is sighted in for 25 yards.

It took a while because the Millet mounts I used are wendage adjustable thru the clamps that hold the mount to the mounting rail. Putting the scope in usually results with the mounts not in alignment with the barrel. It takes a few shots and some adjustments with an allen wench to get it aligned. The good news is that when I swapped scopes, the new one was within a few MOAs.

The mounts ate high mounts and the Simmons 6.5 to 20X has a 50 mm objective. You can see that the scope to barrel shroud clearance in minimal.

How Dose It Shoot?

At 25 yards, In sitting I hit 5 out of 5 1/5 scale chickens.

For now this Marauder is a one clip wonder. At 50 yard hits on the target past ten drop like a rock. Fortunately, the Marauder is highly adjustable. More on this to come.