Friday, July 3, 2015

Benjamin Armada Project Rifle

An Armada Project Rifle

Arimo Dave was a black rifle shooter before he came to shoot airguns with us. He went to Camp Perry and shot what is known as a Space Gun.

Space guns are an AR-15 variation that started in the days when the AR, or the M16 for that matter, was a 300 yard gun with bad sights. Armorers milled off the carrying handle, and installed match sights. They used long barrels that extended the sight radius and stabilized 75 grain bullets to buck the wind out to the distinct 600 yard targets. These rifles were shot in national match competitions under the match rifle rules, but they quickly became known as Space Guns.   

The above photo shows the Armada I shoot and two of Dave’s AR-15s. The top gun is his match rifle (very spacey) and the lower is a A-2 model that meets the definition of service rifle. I took these after a gun club meeting where Dave wanted to compare the three rifles. After that, he would email and ask for measurements until he finally announced that he was going to duplicate the balance and accouterments of this space gun on an Armada.

He chose a .25 Armada for the project for two reasons. One you likely know and the other you may not but it may be the more important.

The barrel in the .25 Armada and the Marauder is made by Green Mountain and has a better reputation for accuracy then the .22 barrel, but it is the length of the magazine well that was more important to Dave. The magazine used in the .25 rifles is about ⅛ on an inch thicker than the .22 and when it comes to single loading that extra ⅛ inch is a lot more finger friendly.  

I am not so sure about the accuracy issue when you compare the .22 I shoot with Dave’s .25.  I shot some higher scores at the last Sporting Rifle match. See detailes at  Our benchrest is next Wednesday and we will see how that goes.