Friday, April 25, 2014

Generation 2 Marauder

My new Marauder arrived. It is a member of the black plastic generation. I wanted one with a wooden stock, but they are not projected to come out until July. Any doubts I had about the synthetic left when I picked up. Not only is it a pound lighter, but it fits my hands, especially the grip to trigger relationship, much better then the Gen 1 wooden stock.Blindfolded your hands can tell the difference.

Over all the stock is slimmer with a flaired portion on the bottom of the fore arm to fill your palm

There are other differences, but one I noticed is the bolt probe is a smaller diameter. The old probe was a flow through design, and I felt it made seating JSB kings harder then it should be.  MOre on this later when I have had a chance to shoot some Kings.

More then the design changed, the question is how does it stack up to my old marauder, after comparing each gun's performance, one is going to be tuned to 24 shots in the mid 30s FPE and the other for 16 somewhere in the 40s.

It ought to be an interesting story.