Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Airguns of Arizona and the FX Impact

Airguns of Arizona. I spoke with Sean and Mike at the Airguns of Arizona booth.

Among its product line, AOA was is featuring FX precharged air rifles and both guys were enthusiastic about the new Impact. This rifle is a bullpup with ergonomics inherited from the M16. “Orders are way ahead of production, and we (meaning store employees) are way down on the waiting list ”. This rifle has user replaceable barrels in calibers from .177 to .30, and adjustable power to support that range of calibers. In the near future there will be an arrow barrel that will shoot arrows at over 400 fps.

A word about M16 ergonomics...The black rifle has been in service for 45 years. Not only in the United States, but in other countries; including the British Special Air Service. Thousands of active and former service members have muscle memory for this rifle. Manufactures who speak to their experience are making their product more available to shooters.