Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Arimo Dave's question

Arimo Dave had a question about my 30 shot group:

So, did you get all thirty shots off in 25 seconds?  😜

One question I have is why are your velocities a bit on the low side?


My response:

25 seconds is a milestone yet to be achieved.

Velocities started out at in the 850 860 range which is said to be ideal though the pellet in those statements are usually 18.1. I an out of 18.1s right now so I used the 15.8s. This barrel is suppose to be tight and velocities should be expected to go down.

I have not re-tuned the gun since installing the barrel. The thirty shot string was suppose to be the first step i re-tuning. Next time I'll try 3, 10 shot strings.