Friday, October 2, 2015

Extreme Benchrest October 2, 2015

Extreme Benchrest
October 2, 2015, Mesa, Arizona

Today we shot the Speed Shoot, and the first day of the 75 yard benchrest. They couldn’t bee any more different. Sixteen steel silhouette spaced out from 25 to 55 yards shoot’m down as fast as you can. Twenty Five bullseye targets with a ten ring smaller than a dime. In thirty minutes, hit em all and you will be legend.

Crews set up the 75 yard targets.

I took my sight correction for the speed shoot and couldn't’ hit a thing. Maybe The gun was overfilled, but it just kept shooting higher so that each run, you get three, was different. My score was disappointing.

How far can things go? My gun started to leak. All I had left to do was shoot the 75 yard benchrest.

The gauge on my gun showed that I had lost 100 bar since I filled it after the speed shoot. Low enough that I had to refill the gun half way thru my sighting shots.

My first sighter after the fill was a 10. I went to the record target and shot 2 10s and went on to shoot what I think was a personal best at 75 yards, and did it on one fill. We will have the scores by Sunday morning.

One match went wrong one match went right. That’s why shooting is a sport.