Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A custom magazene for the Extreme Benchrest Speed Shoot

Up till now it has been said that to do well at the speed shoot you had to single load. Not any more! Several magazine loaders were in the finals including this innovative gravity fed design. 

Blueflax covert operatives proved that their 2014 photo of the .30 Daystate Wolverine bench  rest rifle was not a solitary intelligence triumph. In 2015 video was added to their black bag of tricks. Needles to say, this video was obtained at great personal risk. The area behind this shooter was crowded with rubberneckers. 

The shooter in this sequence started the match standing to the left of his rifle. At the start command he held louse pellets in his left hand and loaded the angled magazine with his right. Then taking his seat he operated his rifle with a special lever that allowed the sue of the left hand. He fired right handed and levered the next pellet into the breach with his right.

I had planed to shoot the speed shoot with an Armada, but switched to my Air Ranger because the loading port for the .22 magazines proved to be too narrow for my blunt fingers. Could this be a solution?