Thursday, October 1, 2015

Extreme Benchrest Oct 1, Thursday Field Target

Extreme Benchrest
Oct 1, Thursday
Field Target

Today was the sight in day, and on the range for 25 and 75 yard benchrest there were no new guns to see, but there were a lot of familiar faces, This part of Extreme Benchrest was like you would hope your local club shoot would be. Old friends catching up on what had happened since the last match. A full day for sighting in sounds like a lot, but these guns have come a long way with plenty of opportunities to have their zeros knocked, vibrated or just plane pummeled out of alignment. I was happy to find that the Armada was needed only one MOA of left windage at 25 yards, and my Air Ranger was off by less than one mil at 75.

There was a Field Target match on the new FT range and it is a credit to the folks that built it. The surrounding is a stand of desert plants that would be the centerpiece of any native cactus garden. I counted seven separate species of cactus as well as Jojoba and Palo verde.

But what about the shooting, Ron? It was hard. Small kill zones and ranges that put the target in the worst part of the trajectory. there were only ten stations, but this range is going to become a touchstone for a shooting challenge with air rifles as well as being scenic.

American Field Target

We are learning about a new twist on the traditional field target match. American Field Target will have bigger targets, longer ranges and more powerful guns. There will be a presentation by the match developers before we go home. So stay in touch with this blog for more information.