Sunday, October 4, 2015

Extreme Benchrest some final scores

Flagstaff, Arizona
10-4-15 11:05 PM

We are in Flagstaff after driving up  from Phoenix after the banquet. Lightning from over the Navajo Nation light up the night cloudscape. We will stay here for the night.

A view from the Rio Salado range

As you know, the final for the Extreme benchrest was shot off at 100 yards. the top three Pro scores were 190, 187 and 183. Sportsman scores were 174, 168-2X and 168-0X. They were shot of the same targets as 75 yards in some pretty stiff winds from 6:00. The  top gun in Pro class was a FX Boss .30 caliber.

In the 200 yard cast bullet match the top scores were 169-3X, 168-1X and 165. The Helium powered .30s from Virginia took first and second and the .25 custom Condor shot third.

More tomorrow.