Friday, March 13, 2015

Armada Iron ? sights

Polymer is a 21st century concept that this shooter is learning to embrace. I bought a set of Magpul polymer front and rear sights These are called “back up sights” on the packaging, and are designed to fold down when not in use.  Being relegated to the second string behind the scope made me wonder about these sights, but I am here to tell you that it ain’t that way.

It took me two clips, 20 shots, to get sighted in and shoot down my ⅕ scale pigs at 30 yards.
I shot from the sitting position without a sling or a shooting coat. The sight picture was clear. I used a 6:00 hold on the pigs. With the supplied scope, this Armada was good for head shots on the same pigs at 30 yards.

When I first saw the Armada I thought of iron sights, and they are a good combination. I’m still in the plinking stage with this rifle. I want to get it broken in and get me use to how it shoots, so the the final word on the Armada is in the future.