Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Walther Rotek and RWS Model 34

At the Umarex booth I spoke with Neil Dickinson. Neil is the National Sales Manager for the company that imports several brands of air guns into the United States.

Neil Dickinson and the Walther Rotek R8

He showed me the Walther Rotek R8. This rifle is a lineal descendant from the Hammerli 850 Airmagnum, but the R8 is quite different.  Neil handed me the specifications and pointed out that the R8 on high pressure air, up to 230 bar, shoots a .22 pellet at 829 fps. While the CO2 powered ,22 850 is rated at 655. With a Manelli stock and a Lothar Walther barrel, the Rotek R8 is an air rifle from a far distant country.

We also looked at Walther’s top of the line break barrel the LGV I asked Neil how this rifle differed from the RWS Model 34. “I’ll show you,” he said, and went to get a M34 from another display. “Now, cock them”. You can’t shoot any of the guns at the Shot Show so cocking and uncocking is as much as you get.

The LVG is significantly smoother than the 34 so much so that I was shocked since the folks I know who have them all love them. It made me very curious about how smoothly the LGV’s vibration reduction system shoots.