Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hatsan Air Stripper

Hatsan is offering an Airstripper as an accessoiriy. Many folks at the Shot Show may have missed this because the air stripper was displayed on the backside of the panel that displayed their new line of QuietEnergy PCP air rifles. Hatsan representatives said that the stripper would come standard on all the non- QuietEnergy PCP rifles.

This air stripper is a small but significant addition for existing Hatsan rifles. While they do not taime the report, the stripper dose address negative affect that “crack” we all hear from unmoderated pcps has on the pellet’s stability. Air escaping from a tube will form vortices that exceed the sound barrier producing the “Crack” that we hear even though the pellet is traveling below the speed of sound. Some of that energy is transmitted to the pellet to the detriment of accuracy.

I think that a well designed moderator performs the same functions. but for airgunners without a moderator or with no need for one, An air stripper could be a valuable accessory.