Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Armada and AR-15

Here is a photo of the Armada next to an AR. The rear sight is turned around so that the windage knob is on the right side of the rifle. Either way the rear sight has problems in the folded down position. The screw that tensiones the bolt stands proud above the picatinny rail and the sight doesn't have the clearance to be folded down. I think the best solution would be a shorter screw. If the sight is turned around and then folded down, the front edge on the sight interferes with the magazine. Right now the easiest thing to do is leave the rear sight up.

You can see that the sight radius is about the same on each rifles.

I have had no real problems shooting the Armada with these sights. Out of the box, I got sighted in at 30 yards with 12 shots. When I moved to 50 it took about 5 shots.

With Kodiak pellets, 50 yards is very near to the limit of elevation, so 100 yards on the NM target may not be possible, but we shoot a 50 yard version of that target and I can't wait to try the Armada on that target.