Monday, November 17, 2014

McMurry wins 75 yard 2014 Extreme Benchrest

Tim McMurry won the 75 yard Extreme Benchrest with a score in the 239-8X.

Tim McMurry, right, winner of 75 yard pro benchrest. Arimo Dave, left, shared his rifle with me in the 25 meter event

Tim shot a custom USFT with a .30 caliber barrel outshooting a host of Daystates, FXs and Rapid Air Weapons rifles many of them in .30 caliber. The USFT is sold by Mac 1 Airguns and was designed by Larry Durham. It was first used for field target, but over time has made its mark in benchrest.  Tim’s USFT was modified to take a .750 inch barrel, and a large, regulated Ninja HPA tank. There were weights on the hammer to open the valve for a blast of air sufficient to launch a .30 pellet down range. Tim called the gun “the beast”, and from two benches away, I heard its distinctive bellow loud and clear.

You will be able to get all the scores and gun information from the Extreme Benchrest page at the Airguns Of Arizona web site. It may take a couple of days to all the information posted. Give the folks from AOA a brake, they put in a lot of time to make this tournament work, and they will need to chill out for a bit. 

Tim's USFT Lone Ranger .30 here being fired by Bobby Corcran Yes, that is Tim's pink rest.

Arimo Dave and I traded guns on both the 25 meter and 75 yard benchrest. Dave’s custom, ,177 Marauder is great for the 25 meter event, and my ,25 is better for bucking the wind out to 75 yards.  We were on separate relays for each event so it worked out. Out scores also worked out in a very interesting way.

At 75 yards, Dave shot a 197 and I shot a 191 1X. He was shooting my .25 Marauder.

In the 25 meter Benchrest, I shot a 672-4X, and Dave shot a 658-7. I was shooting Dave’s ,177 Marauder.

So, he beat me with my rifle, but I beat him with his rifle.

The top Marauder score was 227-4X shot with a .30 custom with a carbon fiber sleeved barrel. This shooter shot second place in Sportsman class and has been advanced to Pro class.

More to come about the matches and the people and the rifles at Extreme Benchrest.