Thursday, November 13, 2014

Yahoo, we are in green Valley, Arizona!

Target frames for 25 yard benchrest
The flat tiles are for the silhouettes 

We arrived in Green Valley after driving from Flagstaff, We stopped by the range where folks from Phenix Benchrest, Airgunners of Arizona, the FT club, and AOA were setting things up. In the photos of last year’s match, you will remember that the firing line was covered. This cover was being set up when we got there. I had thought is was a year round feature. The range is is on the property of the Quail Creek development, and operated by the local airgun club.

The range is set on a level piece of ground that looks to be an old corral used for turning out and gathering livestock. Now it is covered by ranks and files of roofing tile that support silhouette targets for the speed shoot. There large target frames that can be moved from 25 to 75 yards for the different benchrest matches.

Shooting benches, the cover will be erected over them.

Tomorrow is registration. A time to see who has come, and for renewing friendship from last year.