Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Extreme Benchrest

Tomorrow Dave and I set out for Extreme Benchrest. Driving from Pocatello through UT and AZ (via Flagstaff) it is just over 900 miles.

We are taking three Marauders. Dave’s custom Gen 1 .177 with a Lothar Walther barrel. My Gen 1 with a Steve from NC HDD and a Wicked Airrifles barrel band. Also my box stock Gen 2 .25 with a Wicked Airrifles single shot tray.

Extreme Benchrest features three matches, 75 yard benchrest, speed silhouette and 25 yard benchrest. Also there is a field target course, and pistol matches to round out an airgun shooting festival.

Similar shoots are springing up around the country. The newest was announced by Gateway to Airguns. It will be held in Kentucky in 2015. I think these shoots are useful in 1) expanding airgun shooting opportunities, 2) showcasing new airgun technologies and capabilities, and 3) demonstrating new matches that local clubs could put on.

More to come as the week rolls on.