Thursday, September 3, 2015

Benjamin Armada Tactical Accessories 9-3-15

Sling attachment is just aft of the bipod.

The Armada has attachment points to hang all sorts tactic cool-goodies and make the gun exclusively yours. This is especially easy if you already have a black rifle, the muscle memory to go with it, and know what accessories you want.
I didn’t have a black rifle when the Armada dropped anchor, so the rifle came with a steep learning curve. Along with the gun was a scope, short picatinny rails, quick release sling mounts. The bottom and sides of the handrails were covered by long plastic pads. All good stuff but rifle seemed busy and crowded as I added them to the rifle.

The first thing I wanted was sights, I added a set of MAGPUL backup (MBUS) sights. They are plastic and after using them in several matches I found them adequate. For a 6:00 o'clock hold at 50 yards I used all the elevation they had. For a small sling attachment point that would not come loose I bought a MAGPUL QD sling mount. This is a socket that accepts a stud that is held in place with four spring loaded steel balls.
QD swivle plugs into the attachment.

The pads came off. The bottom one to allow for the sling mount and moving the bipot back. I felt the side pads detracted from the long lines of the hand rail.

I found that simplifying the accessories made the Armada more useful for me.