Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Benjamin Armada Negative Feedback.

It had to happen.

I brought the Armada to a air gun gathering populated with traditional walnut and steel airgunners. I knew someone was going to take umbrage at an air rifle that looked more at home in the deserts of northern Iraq, then the sagebrush steppe of Idaho.

“Well, that’s a badass looking gun”!

I choked back the urge to say, “I guess it fits the sweet side of my nature”.   

He went on, “Run down the street with that shouting ‘I can’t take it any longer!’ and what do you think will happen”?  

I allowed that it would be a bad move with any gun, but he continued undaunted.

“As badass as that gun is, what do you see in it”?

Some folks don’t like the Armada's paramilitary look. The “why” is not important. I was confronted and challenged by a man who was clearly looking for an argument and questioned what use other than image I had for the Armada. I was looking for opinions and I got one with the invective “badass” front and center. What kind of a poser did he think I was? I kept my cool until he finally asked that last question.

“I see sights, and a sling wrapped around my arm. I’ve shot enough competition to see the Armada’s potential for marksmanship”.

Now, this guy is a stalwart member of the airgunning community, and his final question is a good one.
Airguns are a gateway to marksmanship, it is up to each of us to see how that is going to be accomplished,

what is a Benjamin Armada