Friday, February 26, 2016

SIG MCX air gun arrived today

What is a SIG MCX air rifle?
Much more expensive air rifles didn't come in a box this nice.

MCX arrived today and I don’t have any CO2. AROOOOOO!

For those who with the need to know the MCX (full name: SIG Sauer MCX Advanced Sport Pellet) rifle is a 30 shot, belt fed, semiautomatic, CO2 powered air rifle. It is has been shown around for about 18 months, but its release date is October of last year. It mimics the MCX firearm in size and weight, and can be had in black or flat dark earth colors.

And it is Way Cool.

Without CO2 there was no test firing of the MCX today, That’s likely a good idea. today’s high was 53 degrees Fahrenheit. Hardily shooting weather for CO2 which is temperature dependent. However, in the last year and a half, information about the MCX has circulated that is not true. Even without power there are some things that can be set right

The barrel is 18 inches long. I have heard 9 and read 16

The big black can of the front is not a moderator, but it does locate and stabilize the muzzle end of a very slender barrel.

The hand guard is plastic. You may have read that it is aluminum, but that is not right. The hand guard is robust and fastened to the action with four screws. It serves to locate the rear end of the faux moderator and further stabilize the barrel.

What is a SIG MCX air rifle?
The magazine and bolt releases are non-functioning details in the casting.

The left hand magazine release is non functioning. It is a detail in the casting that forms the left half of the receiver. That is a shame. Because the safety is ambidextrous and a mag button on the left side would make this a more useful rifle to southpaws.

The biggest question I have is what does SIG mean when they say “semiautomatic”? Some other manufactures abuse this term and use it for a repeating airgun that functions similar to a double action revolver. After handling the MCX and showing it off at our Thursday evening air gun shoot, it seems more complicated than that.

Today I’ll go to town and get some 90 gram capsules. Even if it is too cold outside for much CO2 powered shooting, I ought to have something more to say on how the gun functions.

What is a SIG MCX air rifle?
The magazine holds a 30 round belt.