Monday, April 20, 2015

Maryland Challenge

The Maryland Challenge is a course of fire Arimo Dave found on
It is 20 shots on a silhouette target at 25 meters. The target is the 300 meter silhouette reduced for the shorter range. The objective is to shoot 20 shots in two minutes. A hit counts as one point.  One poster compared 17 out of 20 hits to shooting expert on the Army course.

I tried the Maryland Challenge at 50 yards. Shot ten shot strings from sitting at 50 yards with the Magpul sights. Target was a 3X5 index card painted black. The target on the left was a sighter and after sucking it up and taking one click of right windage I shot the target on the right .

I called the one miss. I definitely have to work on my breathing. Things would get fuzzy if I forgot the breath between shots.

I shot this with the rifle shown. It is a Benjamin Armada equipped with Magpul MOBUS sights. I did not use a coat or a glove. Pellets were Crosman Premier Hollow Points. Velocity was about 800 fps.

Airguns rock,