Tuesday, January 13, 2015

An Airgunner in Winter

Each year the snow comes and that is temporally the  end of airgunning. I grew up in an avocado grove near San Diego, and even after 35 years in Idaho, winter and the snow is a special time that I enjoy very much. We had 14 inches of snow on Christmas day and it was great. Spending some quality time indoors with the wood stove. Older and wiser we took two weeks out to shovel the deck. Time will come when it will be necessary to go outdoors and shoot, but for the first month or so a warm fire is its own reward. 

There is a lot to do this year. I have a new Daystate rifle, and I am going to the shot show. I plan a lot more blog posts. My posts over the Extreme Benchrest taught me that that was the best way to build readership.

Thank you to all who read Blueflax Airguns This blog had 3500 page views in 2014, and I am hoping for 10,000 in 2015.