Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The AirgunGearShow

Giles Barry with a Daystate Wolverine

If you haven’t watched the AirgunGearShow on Youtube you have missed a treat. Following a format of airguns and entertainment, the larger than life (he’s a big guy, folks) Giles Barry from the United Kingdom has created an airgun show is neither stogy or self important. Best of all, Giles is coming to the USA for his second Extreme Benchrest which is coming up in November.

Giles and several others from the UK were at last year’s Extreme Benchrest and he put up a series of videos about the tournament that I recommend anyone with an interest in airguns watch. His website is http://www.airgungear.co.uk/ where you will find links to his vidieos. If you watch his Extreme Benchrest videos, He interviewed me. Thank you Giles. The interview is about half way thru the one on 75 Yard shooting.

I hope you will take a look at the AirgunGearShow videos about the 2013 Extreme Benchrest, and that you will keep an eye out for Giles coverage of the upcoming 2014 event. It is going to be great.