Thursday, October 6, 2016

Extreme Breakfast

Early morning breakfast in Mesa Arizona.

Arimo Dave and I drove down to Arizona, ad today is the first day of Extreme Benchrest. I am an early riser and we sacked out at 8 PM. Soooo I am up and waiting for the sunrise at 5:00 AM.

The sun comes up over the Superstition Mountains and lights up the sky before the smog sets in. Best time of the day in the Phoenix area.  

I’ll shoot the Career 707 in the American FT event. The .22 Armada just barely made 27 FPE and 28 was the recommended minimum to trip the heavy targets. The Career came in at 47 FPE and shot well from cross sticks. It is the gun to use.

We looked at some of the heavy field targets at Airguns of Arizona yesterday. They are made from ¼ inch plate and are good for powerful airguns and .22 long rifle. We will shot them with Air rifles out to 100 yards, and the kill zones I saw looked kinda small. No doubt they will look kinda smaller through the scope. It is a 40 shot match (5 lanes with 4 targets and 2 shots per target). That’s just enough to humble the shooters.

Field target in the United States uses ⅛ inch steel for the faces and is limited to a maximum energy of 20 FPE. Today there will be two classes. .22 caliber and up to 50 FPE, and an unlimited class. Also, the range is increased from 55 yards to 100.

There will be a cast bullet match and it too will push the limits of airgunning. 20 shots at paper targets at 200 yards today, and 24 shots at steel at ranges out to beyond 200.

It ought to be a great day

Ron, Blueflax Airguns