Tuesday, September 6, 2016

American Field Target at Extreme Benchrest

Extreme Benchrest is one month away, and I am signed up for American Field Target.

American Field Targets at the 2015 Extreme Benchrest

Oh yes, I remember checking that box. Now what did that mean?

American Field Target is the field target for more powerful rifles that the twenty foot pounds (ft/lbs) recommended by the American Airgun Field Target Association (AAFTA).

The air rifles are more powerful. The targets are bigger. The ranges are longer, up to 100 yards at ERB. The rifles are divided into two groups .25 to .35 up to 150 ft/lbs and .22 up to 50 ft/lbs. The minimum power in both classes is 28 ft/lbs. Targets are set between 15 and 100 yards.

I am signed up for the .22 class. I have two .22s, an Armada, and a Career 707, but which one? With one month to go it is time for a shoot off. I haven’t shot the Career since 2013.

Today I shot the Career and was glad to see that it held pressure and needed only 2 minutes of windage to be zeroed on the 50 yard target. I shot Baracuda Match pellets. Best five shot group was 1.1 inches. At the same range I shot six ⅕ scale chickens with 8 shots. I knew that this gun would shoot possibles in our 50 yard sporting rifle matches, but that target has a 1.6 inch ten ring. Today’s shooting was better than I expected.

How will the armada do? I have been shooting it with iron sights lately. So they must come off and be replaced by a scope.